Selma Prodanovic is known as “discoverer & connector” of human and business potential and truly a philanthropy.

Selma is the Founder of Brainswork and the pioneer Chief Networking Officer worldwide.   She has twenty years of professional experience in new business development, creative industries and international strategic marketing in Europe and beyond. Selma has pioneered the concept of brainsworking – a strategy for sustainable business development based on the capacity to transfer knowledge from wide and diverse fields of experience, connect them and create entirely new and innovative results.

Selma has authored texts and lectured on networking, creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation at numerous universities and conferences around Europe. She regularly lectures at the Vienna University of Applied Arts and at the FH Wien School of Applied Science.  Prodanovic has initiated and edited the “Brainsbook on Networking, a democratic compilation of relevant knowledge written by 40 authors from fifteen countries and published in 2009.

Selma is the chairwoman of IncrediblEurope , the European network for innovation, creativity, research and future studies and organizes the IncrediblEurope Summit in Vienna (Austria).

Selma is the founder of the Brainswork Institute, the world’s first charity and development fund for highly talented teenagers in disadvantaged communities, and a board member for various organizations and companies. Her vision on making a difference culminated in the “Brainswork Make a Difference Award” which was first awarded in 2009.

For her innovative approach to business and commitment to entrepreneurship and social change, Selma was awarded the Austrian “WOMAN Award” in 2006 and nominated “Networker of the Year” by the Austrian Leading Ladies in 2007. Her success story was featured in a chapter of “Going Your Own Way” (‘Den eigenen Weg gehen’) alongside 18 leading Austrian business women.

Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Selma was educated in Tunisia and Madrid, and has been based in Vienna since 1991. Educated at the University of Sarajevo, Saint Louis University and the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Selma speaks five languages fluently. She is married to her first love and is proud mother of two.